The Norwegian Forest Cat

The Norwegian Forest cat, also called Norsk skogkatt (Norsk=Norwegian and skogkatt=forest cat) is a big, strongly built cat that originates from Scandinavia. It often looks wild and has a quite long coat of fur that is waterproof.

The Norwegian Forest cat also has lynx ears and a muscular body. The adult male Norwegian Forest cat weighs from six to ten kilos and the adult female about half that of the male.

They like the outdoors, are well-suited for cold conditions and are very good hunters.

Norwegian Forest cats are often confused with Maine Coons as they are both large, intelligent, robust and playful breeds. Despite their great affection for the outdoors, Norwegian Forest cats enjoy the company of humans and other pets and so will often go looking for company if they are left alone. They are not easily stressed and are very patient, which makes them ideal for families with children.

They appreciate high vantage points and enjoy climbing trees. Norwegian Forest Cats are very good family pets and do not need too much maintenance, only a brush once a week.